How to connect USB only equipped PC to Serial Console of DNS-300

It's the easyest way to to use Serial Console of DNS-300 and can be recommended to use for any unprofessionals (but you still need to remove warranty label from DNS-300).

First: you need to purchase USB to serial converter with TTL levels. Good one is: TTL-232R-3V3 from FTDIChip company For example I bought it in St.Petersburg, Russia from company by $23 without any problem. Also you'll need to buy 5×1 pin connector. Second: You need to modify FTDI serial connector to make it compatible with DLink serial connector. Original FTDI connector is:

1 black GND
2 brown CTS#
3 red VCC
4 orange TXD
5 yellow RXD
6 green RTS#

Take out 3 pins (black, yellow and orange) from 6×1 pin FTDI plastic connector and put them to empty plastic 5×1 pin connector by following table:

1 orange
2 black
3 x
4 x
5 yellow

Thats all. Now you can connect this cable to USB port of your PC and to serial console of DNS-300. Pin 1 (orange) should be close to the battery of DNS-300. Check picture:
Serial Connector

Serial settings: 19200, 8 bit, no parity, no hardware sync.

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