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 [[:​tasklist|What I want to have in my home server]]\\ [[:​tasklist|What I want to have in my home server]]\\
 +[[:​software:​additional|Additional software for DNS-300 is available]]\\
 [[:​hardware:​info|Hardware of DNS-300]]\\ [[:​hardware:​info|Hardware of DNS-300]]\\
 [[:​hardware:​bootlog]] [[:​hardware:​bootlog]]
 +Subscribe to RSS to get changes of this site: http://​dns-300.sergeyzh.org/​wiki/​feed.php
 +Note for Linux users: Original DLink'​s firmware 1.0 and 1.0.1 beta contains old version of ext2fs. If you connect external USB harddrive or flashdrive with ext2 which written on modern version of Linux with kernel > ~2.4.20, you may have problems with reading of these drives and can corrupt data on write operations. I've updated ext2fs by version from kernel 2.4.32, so if you have these problems you can try my firmware.
 +Some pages on this site can be in Russian. Do not hesitate to ask me translate them to English if you need.
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